Corpus Christi College

Corpus Christi College has announced that all of the funds raised through the School Benefits Program by Corpus families will go to the Kimberley Mulan Immersion Programme. This is a new Christian Service Learning opportunity at the College that will see students and staff members involved in various projects at the John Pujajangka-Piyirn Catholic School in the remote Aboriginal community of Mulan.

The money received from the School Benefits Program supports the Mulan Immersion Program. A small group of Year 11 students and staff members travel to Mulan in the East Kimberley region to complete projects in the school and the community.

Corpus Christi College Mulan Immersion Program
Corpus Christi College


  • The School Benefits Program provides us with a means of encouraging staff and students to support a local business that has a connection directly with the college. Winthrop Gardens Supa IGA helps us to continue to support our Mulan Immersion Program in the East Kimberley.

    Caroline Payne, Principal, Corpus Christi College

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