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We Go Together

Friday, October 30, 2015

There is a Chinese saying, “Good things come in twos.” This appears to follow suit with healthy eating as well because consuming two specific healthy foods together may help deliver even more nutrients into our diets. The combining of certain foods is thought to help our body absorb and utilise all of their benefits more effectively. Here are 5 food pairs to power up your diet!

1. Beans and Tomatoes: These two foods are good together as they help boost your iron intake for better brain and muscle function. The vitamin C assists the absorption of plant based iron into our bodies.

 Tip: For a quick and easy salad, mix beans like kidney and edamame (young soybeans) with vitamin C packed tomatoes, chopped red bell peppers and steamed  peppers. 

2. Green Tea and Lemon: These two are good together as they help you get more from the antioxidants. The citrus juice helps the digestive system absorb more from the antioxidants present in the green tea.

Tip: For a refreshing drink, squeeze the juice from a lemon into 2 cups of brewed green tea. Chill, then add 1 cup of soda water and some fresh mint.

3. Yoghurt and Bananas: These two foods together help to repair muscles after a workout. Combining carbs and proteins increases levels of insulin which allows muscles to soak up vital nutrients and become stronger.

Tip: Make a power shake for after your workout. Blend low-fat milk, yoghurt and banana. Add frozen (or fresh) blueberries and honey.

4. Fish and Wine: These two are good together as the wine helps soak up healthy omega-3 fats from the fish. Scientists believe that some of the antioxidants found in wine (red or white) might be responsible for improved omega-3 absorption. 

Tip: Besides having a glass of wine with your fish you can also use wine to make a marinade.

5. Apples and Raspberries: These two foods are good together as they improve the disease-fighting powers of antioxidants. Studies have shown that the antioxidant found in raspberries (also pomegranates, walnuts and cranberries) enhances the ability of the antioxidant in apples (also grapes, onions and buckwheat) and thus help to kill off cancerous cells.

Tip: Make a super antioxidant dessert with diced apples, grapes and raspberries. Sprinkle goji berries and walnuts on top.