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Superfood Slice

Friday, March 04, 2016

This is a really quick and easy recipe and so good for you as well. These superfood protein bars will provide you with energy and nourishment when you need it most. They can even make a speedy, nutritious breakfast when you are in a hurry. Or maybe a sweet and healthy indulgence with a cuppa!


½ cup almonds
½ cup cashews
½ cup coconut – shredded
15 dates
3 tablespoons agave – can use honey, coconut nectar etc.
Pinch of salt
1 tablespoon mesquite powder *
Add a handful of goji berries, cocoa nibs or dark choc bits.


• Process almonds and cashew together until a fine flour is formed.
• Add all other ingredients and process until a dough forms and it comes together.
• Press dough into a square pan and refrigerate until set (approximately 1 – 2 hours).
• Cut into bars or squares. Best refrigerated but can be left at room temperature.

*What is mesquite powder?

Mesquite powder or meal is a traditional Native American food produced by gathering ripened seed-pods from the mesquite tree (a relative of the Acacias) and grinding them into a fine powder.

Mesquite was used as a staple food for centuries by desert dwellers. This high protein meal contains good quantities of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc, and is rich in the amino acid, lysine as well.

It has a sweet, distinctive wild flavour with a hint of caramel, which blends well into smoothies or other drinks, especially those made with cacao and maca. Its low GI of 25 helps maintain stable blood sugar levels.