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Smoothie Packs

Friday, February 12, 2016

It’s beginning to get very busy in our household and yours, too, I imagine. So this week we spent a little extra time to save us a whole lot more time! We made a week’s worth of smoothie packs and popped them in the freezer.

Into snap lock bags we added a variety of fruits and vegies to freeze and then take out and add to the blender each morning. You can make a smoothie with almost anything but it helps to think about it like this:

1. Add your choice of liquid – water or coconut water or nut/seed milk
2. Add something frozen – pre-frozen fruit & veg or ice
3. Add fruit & veg, especially green vegies
4. Add any supplements you like e.g. protein powder, anti-oxidant, flax seeds, chia seeds, coconut oil 
5. Sometimes a sweetener might be needed – try adding honey or agave nectar
6. Optional to add spices – cinnamon, ginger
7. And then blend! Simple and quick and yummy!

We used a selection of the following:

Kale and/or spinach (we already freeze this in muffin tins)
Ginger (small piece)
Avocado ½ 
Kiwi fruit
Mixed berries
Melon – rockmelon/honeydew
Lime (wedge)
Lemon (wedge)
Handful of almonds