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Health In February

Saturday, February 08, 2014

February maybe the shortest month of the year, but did you know that there are many major awareness days, weeks and months related to health included in this month as well?

• The Month of February is known as “Red Feb,” raising awareness of Heart Research in Australia.
• It is also the month of awareness for Raynaud’s Disease, an autoimmune disorder which is a condition in which the body reacts to strong emotions or exposure to the cold by restricting blood flow to the extremities, such as fingers and toes, resulting in colour changes in the skin and some discomfort. It can last from just a few minutes to many hours.
• February 2nd is Neuroblastoma Awareness Day around the nation. Neuroblastoma almost exclusively strikes infants and children, and is the third most common type of Childhood Cancer after Leukaemia and brain tumours. It is also the leading single cause of cancer deaths of children under 5.
• And coincidentally, February 14th, not only celebrates Valentine’s Day, but also Heart Research Day!
• FebFast 2014 – a pause for the better, encourages people to take a break from alcohol, sugar, caffeine and even digital overload during the month of February! The 28 day break helps raise funds for youth addiction.
• The Dieticians Association of Australia reminds us about healthy eating habits during Australia’s Healthy Weight Week 17th – 23rd February.
• National Donate Life Week, 23rd Feb – 2nd March promotes awareness of organ and tissue donation throughout Australia.
• Each year in February Ovarian Cancer Australia runs a national Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month campaign to highlight the symptoms of ovarian cancer and to raise funds for their programs. One of these is Teal Ribbon Day on 26th February.
• February 28th marks the fourth year that Australia has been involved in International Rare Disease Day. The main objective of this day is to raise awareness amongst the public and decision-makers about rare diseases and the impacts they have on those affected personally and their families.

Whatever cause you support and for whatever reason, February provides many choices and reminds us all to be happy and healthy!

Source: Australian Department of Health