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Back to School Hints

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Hi everyone! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and for our families with children on school holidays I trust that your holidays have been fun and eventful!

Following on from last weeks blog of school holidays ideas I thought this week I would share some Back to School Ideas I found online recently while looking for house organisation ideas. Although I’m not sure why I bother because I am very quickly finding that life with a toddler does not make for an organised household but I try what I can haha so in turn, I thought I would share my findings with other families that may be interested in making the back to school preparations a little less crazy!

Dedicated Pantry or Fridge Space for Lunchbox Food
In your pantry or fridge add a plastic container that can house all of the food you have bought for the lunches. Perhaps even divide smaller plastic containers among this big one so that you can divide the food up further (boxes of sultanas, muesli bars etc.). For me personally I have started doing this to pack for my toddler and I for the following day and it has helped me save time because I don’t have to think too hard what to pack or go hunting in my cupboard for it as it is all there in the container. I cut up for the week and then separate things in ziplock bags like grapes, carrots and other perishables so that these are just there to take and I don’t have to worry about cutting them up fresh each time Charlotte needs a snack. 

Freeze a Wet Sponge
Freeze a clean, wet sponge inside a ziplock bag to use as an icepack before lunch and refreshing face cleaner after lunch. Again I liked this one and have started using it the sponge is small enough to fit in the lunch box and keeps the food fresher for longer. Alternatively freeze drinks so that they can double up as an ice pack – although with this cold weather here this may be one to remember for the warmer months!

Ideas for Packing Fruit
We all like to have the kids eating fresh fruit but I find this one particularly hard to pack. I found that slicing an apple and putting it back together again with a rubber band around it stopped the apple going brown. Also if you use a straw and take out the stem of a strawberry, this can be handy so the kids have most of the fruit instead of taking half the top off etc. With mandarin season upon us also try this handy trick – cut both sides of the mandarin, but not too much to avoid cutting the flesh. Then cut a slit in the middle and gently roll the mandarin out in a strip when eating. See the photo below for an idea on how to do it. This is one I use all the time now.


School Bag ‘Post Office’
I read this and thought it was genius. If you get an oversized zippered pencil case or plastic document folder to keep in your child’s school bag and label it ‘post office’. Then let your child know that it is their role to act as official post person and that they need to make sure that the mail is delivered successfully to and from school at all times. I thought this was a handy hint to ensure mail is not found scrunched up in the bottom of the school bag!

Homework Safe
And while you are making up the ‘post office’ folder perhaps a different coloured folder for homework could be created so that it can be transported to and from school safely without getting ruined.

Leftover Roast Chicken Idea
Given that I have two lunches to think of, my husband being a school teacher and Charlotte (and myself some days when it’s not a vegemite sandwich on the run haha) I now roast a chicken on Sunday nights so that I can shred the remainder and use it for a couple of Mike and Charlotte’s lunches. Families with more than one child might want to grab a couple of chickens while they are on special and roast an extra one so that can act as the lunches for the following week. Some people make chicken sandwiches up and then freeze them for the week I have read.

Easy Hooks for School Bags

Get a couple of suction hooks and place them behind the front door for the kids to hang their school bags on, this may save some time in the morning looking for those all-important bags and insides of the bags! I have also read about people placing suction hooks in areas in the car (back side windows) so that the kids can hang their bags there as they get in and out of the car making car trips less hectic as they trip over everything getting in and out.

These ideas came from two websites that I really enjoy Kidspot and Good Housekeeping you can find more ideas by clicking on the links below. I do hope you are all enjoying your holidays and reading these blogs! Again any hints, ideas or feedback for me you can get me on I will be only too happy to hear from you!

Until next week keep warm and good luck with the back to school preparations :)