The Store

Winthrop Gardens Supa IGA - meet the family

Meet the Keeley family - Store owner Jack Keeley has over 40 years retail experience being the original 'Farmer Jack' of Western Australia. Together with his sons John, Joe, Tom and daughter Jacquie they work with the rest of the Winthrop Gardens Supa IGA team to bring a sense of family to the shop.

They pride themselves in being at the top of their game in quality while being friendly and approachable to the customer. Supporting the Local community is important to the family that is why you’ll always find the team supporting Local growers for their fruit and vegetable department, Local meat produce, Local fish suppliers, Local dairy farmers and Local deli suppliers. We also support the Local schools with our School Benefits Program. Basically to quote store owner Jack Keeley ‘we are a Perth family supporting our Local Community’ is how the family feels in a nutshell. The family want the store to reflect these values.

More recently the Keeley’s have branched out into the hospitality game and have opened up their café Winnies at the Village next door to the shop. It was always important to Jack that the centre offered the best for his valued customers and so when he saw the need for a good cup of coffee in the centre he decided to open up Winnies. The café opened July 2015 and has been a very popular addition to the centre and is widely loved by all the customers.  The café offers fresh, organic daily selections which are cooked on site and cater for all tastebuds including those customers that prefer a gluten free option.

The Keeley’s hope that just like Winthrop Gardens Supa IGA that the family café Winnies at the Village will also prove to be a staple in the community and offer a happy, relaxed, friendly environment where customers can grab a coffee and meal after doing the grocery shop.

The family together with the teams at the shop and the cafe are always looking for ways to improve so that they offer the best that they can and are therefore always open to customer feedback and suggestions.  Feel free to drop us a line at or chat to any of the staff at any time!