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Welcome to July!

Thank you for the fantastic feedback we have received regarding our Winthrop Gardens Supa IGA store website! We appreciate your comments and responses. We have had a few issues with the delivery and appearance of emails to some subscribers and we thank them for their patience as we sort this problem out with our web developers. Your feedback enables us to continue to improve our website and regular updates!

School Benefits Schools

In May we reported to you the process of getting your school included in the Schools Benefits Program. Since then we have had interest from 4 more customers with 4 new schools. We are now waiting for each of these schools to gain more interest as we require a minimum of 5 participants to sign up to the program to support a school. Participants to the School Benefits Program do not have to have children in a particular school, just an interest to help raise funds for the school and of course, shop at Winthrop Gardens Supa IGA! Some of our schools have parents, family members, staff members, next door neighbours and community members signed up to support them. Just ask around!

School Benefits Program Update

School  Participants Total Benefits

Yidarra Catholic Primary School




Winthrop Primary School



Corpus Christi College



Bateman Primary School



Kardinya Primary School



Oberthur Primary School



Kennedy Baptist College



Caralee Community School



Woodthorpe School



Mel Maria Catholic Primary School



Fremantle Language Development Centre





Total donated to School Benefits Program Schools since June 2011:







Superfoods - we hear all about them, read all about them, but what are they really?

Superfoods are natural foods, made by nature not machines, and typically exist as wholefoods in their natural form. Superfoods are readily available (based on seasonal and regional variations) and do not tend to be highly packaged foods.

The essential key to superfoods is that they are micronutrient dense and calorie light. Many superfoods are classified as such because they contain nutrients that the body needs but cannot manufacture. In addition to having unique or higher than typical nutrients (compared to most foods), many superfoods are also high in antioxidants.


There is no one ultimate list of the top superfoods, just many that come and go in popularity and as more information is available about them through research. How many of these 25 Superfoods have you tried and how many are already a regular part of your diet?

Acai berries            Avocados             Beets    Blueberries
Cacao and

Chia Seeds

(flesh, oil &

 Cruciferous vegetables
(broccoli, red cabbage
and kale)


Flax Seed  Garlic Goji Berries

Green Tea

 Leafy Greens
(spinach, kale & Swiss 

 Oats Oily fish
(sardines & salmon)
 Olive oil

Sea weeds and sea

Super greens
(wheat grass, spirulina &
barley grass)

 Tomatoes  Walnuts Whole grains
(buckwheat & quinoa)

Weekly Best Buys

Each week our Department Managers source a variety of products for you at fantastic prices. We feature 16 of these on our website under the Weekly Best Buys icon. 

Check out what’s available this week. Weekly Best Buys



Until next month, stay happy and healthy, and remember these words from Joe Knapp, “Wake up with a smile and go after life….Live it, enjoy it, taste it, smell it, feel it!”


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