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Hi ,

Welcome to June! 

Winter is here. Time for warm hearty soups and slow cooked meals! 

Antibacterial Wipes


Customers have been asking for "Antibacterial Wipes" to be made available to them to allow them the option of using them on the handles and the seats for young children of our shopping trolleys when they visit Winthrop Gardens Supa IGA.  We are pleased to let you know that we have installed a unit next to the trolley bay at the entrance to the store that provides these wipes now free for use each time that you shop with us.(There is also a bin for disposal of used wipes.)


A big thank you!

The School Benefits Program continues to assist our 11 local schools. Through extra funding received from customers joining the program, nominating their school and then shopping at the store, schools have been able to provide extra resources, supplement learning programs and continue to deliver an excellent education for all students.

This month’s special thank you comes from some very happy students at Yidarra Catholic Primary School. Yidarra has received over $8,500.00 since joining the program in July 2011. They have 130 customers signed up to shop for Yidarra! 



Lenard's Platters

Here’s an easy way to entertain!

Lenard’s Entertainment packs (available in 40 and 80 piece) They include Curry Puffs, Mini Chicken Meatballs, Mini Kebabs, Mini Mignons, Oriental Mini Spring Rolls, Schnitzel Strips, Strudel bites, Mini Pinwheels and Sweet Thai Chilli Mini Spring Rolls. Prices range from $38 to $70. Sounds good to me!


Fruit of the Gods

Have you tried a persimmon?


Persimmon, (Latin for divine food or fruit of the gods), are now available in store - but only for a limited time. Our locally grown persimmons are ready to eat!

Choose fruit that is firm with a smooth bright skin. Sweet persimmons, such as the Fuyu variety, do not have to be fully ripe to be eaten, so can be eaten like an apple, whilst still firm and crisp, as well as once ripened and softened. Store persimmons at room temperature for up to 3 days. Wash gently before eating. They can be eaten peeled or unpeeled, stem and calyx (the flowered shape cap) removed, and cut into pieces. You can eat them like a kiwi fruit, scooping out the flesh, or you can cut into slices and reveal the star pattern! Try one today!

School Benefits Program Update


Participants Total Benefits
Yidarra Catholic Primary School

 130 $8,722.40 
Winthrop Primary School

 155 $8,425.26
Corpus Christi College

 38 $3,148.53
Bateman Primary School

 42 $1,917.13
Kardinya Primary School

 53 $1,804.67
Oberthur Primary School

 18 $625.06
Kennedy Baptist College

 20 $780.37
Caralee Community School

 12 $346.45
Woodthorpe School

 21 $415.38
Mel Maria Catholic Primary School

 11 $248.44

Fremantle Language Development Centre

 7 $84.31

Total donated to School Benefits Program Schools since June 2011:


Until next month, stay happy and healthy, and remember these words from Margaret Cousins, “Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.”

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