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Hi Anne, 

Welcome to August!

So much has been happening in the last month and we have much to share with you! If you are new to our website and newsletter we strongly recommended that you add us to your trusted e-mail Safe Senders list. This will ensure that the newsletters and updates you have requested are not filtered out as spam and will always be delivered to your inbox.

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Congratulations to Bateman Primary School and Kardinya Primary School! Both of these schools have reached the milestone of $2,000.00 in the School Benefits Program. This achievement is rewarded by Winthrop Gardens Supa IGA adding a bonus $1,000.00 to each school’s total. This makes 5 schools that have achieved that level now. Wow!

Winthrop Gardens Supa IGA Store owner, Jack Keeley and School Benefits Program Coordinator, Anne Opferkuch present a cheque to Kardinya Primary School Deputy Principal, Joan Monley.

Bateman Primary School Principal, Marc Lockett receiving a cheque from Winthrop Gardens Supa IGA store owner, Jack Keeley and School Benefits Program Coordinator, Anne Opferkuch.

We have two schools getting close to reaching $10,000.00 in the School Benefits Program in just over 2 years since the program started! Both of these schools receive enormous support from their wider school community and consistently promote the School Benefits Program in their school newsletters. It seems to have worked! Well done Winthrop Primary School and Yidarra Catholic Primary School. The next question is - which one of them will reach the $10,000.00 mark first?

$27,817.70total donations paid to schools to date

Want an update on how all the School Benefits Program schools are going? Click on the link to go to the website to see.

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Next month we hope to share with you some of the results from the installation of the solar panels at Winthrop Gardens Supa IGA. We are extremely pleased! Stay tuned.  If you happened to miss our first article on solar panels, check out the April Newsletter, where Dominic Da Cruz, Managing Director of Enigin Western Australia, the company responsible for the installation, helped explain our new system and plans for the future.

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Supermarket shopping in the USA

I have recently travelled to the USA, and being married to someone involved in fresh produce and retail, of course we checked out a few local markets, supermarkets, supermarket clubs, farmer’s markets!

Super stores in the USA offer almost absolutely everything the consumer needs, including an in store pharmacy, optical facilities and even a hearing aid centre. In some stores customers can pay a yearly membership fee ($45 -  $100) to join the Shoppers Club and gain access to member’s only low prices, admission to early shopping hours just for members, free health screenings, discounts on optical and certain pharmacy items plus extra savings and offers which are automatically loaded on to your membership card, and much more.

Price tickets on the shelves show two prices, one for regular shoppers and one for the Shoppers Club member! In general, the prices of most grocery lines were basically half of what we would expect to pay in Australia.

Some of these stores are colossal and have everything from fresh produce, grocery lines, clothing, home wares, furniture, haberdashery, sporting and outdoor goods. The Walmart Super store we visited resembled at least five or six very large supermarkets all combined into one store! Shopping here could take all day!


         Outside the Walmart Super Store, New York.

        Just one of the bread aisles inside Walmart.

Whilst grocery prices were much the same throughout America, fresh produce prices varied from store to store, as did the quality! In most of the stores we visited there did not seem to be that emphasis on freshness that most Australians value. Fruit displays were lavishly constructed and looked so inviting. However, on closer inspection you could see how time consuming setting up each display would be and then the consequent problem of rotating the produce to add fresh stock. Store workers admitted that wastage was a concern.


Beautiful fruit displays in an American supermarket.

Eating out in the USA we soon learnt that you needed to order a salad or vegetables on the side as most main meals did not include them. The lack of an obsession with freshness we found was reflected in the range of fresh fruit and vegetables available in many restaurants.  Salads were available as appetizers or entrees and sides were usually asparagus or mushroom or potatoes done ten different ways!

Travelling was a wonderful experience and it has definitely made us value what we have here in Australia, particularly in our own local stores. We certainly didn’t find an American supermarket that rated as highly as Winthrop Gardens Supa IGA!

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Have you ever been caught out like me? Last week I bought a BBQ chicken thinking it would be great to use for lunches, salads and sandwiches and then before you know it, the chicken has found its way to the back of the fridge and goes undetected and uneaten! Here are 25 different ideas to use that rogue chook!


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Don’t forget to check out the Weekly Best Buys for this week.

Each week our Department Managers source a variety of products for you at fantastic prices. We feature 16 of these on our website under the Weekly Best Buys icon. 

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Until next month, stay happy and healthy, and remember these words from Nelson Mandela, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

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