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Hi ,

Welcome to March!

Autumn is here and the countdown to Easter begins. It's Footy season now for some and soon for others. This month also marks a milestone - the first year of our store website and our online activities. Don't forget to check out the website as we update it regularly. Here's the latest news from the store.

 Deli Delights 

We are pleased to introduce a beautiful new assortment of easy meals in our Deli Department. Many of these meals are suitable for vegetarians or those looking for a healthy alternative.


 New Season Royal Galas 

Currently in store are the New Season Royal Gala apples.  Royal Galas are usually available from late February to September. Our Royal Galas are grower direct from the Manjimup region. Read More...


 New -  Nudie Coconut Water 

Coconut Water is the liquid portion extracted from inside young green, immature coconuts. The coconut water is extracted at about 7 months, before the coconut meat begins growing. Read More...


 School Benefits Update 

Last week we were guests at Kardinya Primary School and Yidarra Catholic Primary School. It is wonderful to be able to spend time at these schools and see firsthand what the money from our program is going towards. Read More...


 Handy Hints 

We’ve all got these laying around the house and who knew they could be so useful? Read more... to find out!



 We Go Together 

Did you know that eating two specific healthy foods together may help deliver even more nutrients into our diets. Here are 5 food pairs to power up your diet! Wine and fish are two....Read More...

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Until next month, stay happy and healthy and remember these words from Franklin D Roosevelt, "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on."

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