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Hi Anne,

Welcome to May! Happy belated Mother's Day to all our wonderful mums. We hope you had a fantastic day and were spoilt by all those near and dear to you.


New Schools

Recently we have had customers nominating other schools for the School Benefits Program (SBP) so we thought we would explain the process of getting your school on board. 

Currently we have 11 schools participating in our "Loyalty Program for schools!" Each of these schools has community members, family and friends who have signed up to support them by joining the Frequent Shopper Program and nominating their school to receive the benefits. Membership for these schools range from 5 to 151 people. The majority of our SBP schools are in close proximity of the store in Winthrop or they have families living locally that shop at the store.

To get your school to participate we require a minimum of 5 participants to sign up to the program to support your school. Once 5 customers have signed up we then approach the school principal or representative and introduce the program and ask if they would like their school to be involved. Schools are encouraged to promote the SBP to their own community via newsletters and updates. Most schools are more than willing to give the program a go as there is really no work involved and it is an easy way to earn money!

Double Points Day

Did you know that Tuesday is the day to shop at Winthrop Gardens Supa IGA and earn extra points for yourself, if you are a member of the Frequent Shopper Program, or for your school, if you are a School Benefits Program member?

Every Tuesday is double points day! So why not change your shopping day and receive 2% in the School Benefits Program or for your own rewards? Forming a new habit can be beneficial to both you and your school as the points accumulate faster and you receive your reward sooner and/or your school receives more!

Healthy Living

Have you taken a walk down the aisle recently? The Healthy Living aisle, that is! Next time you are in the store check out the new Healthy Living section which is just next to the Gluten Free and Organic sections. There are some amazing products available to help us achieve and maintain our best. Protein powders and shakes. Low carb options in chocolates, shakes and energy bars. Super foods goji, chia, acai, aloe & beet. I even discovered dark chocolate coated blueberries! Yum!

Party Platters

Need a hand with planning a get together or function? Call in and see the team in the Deli and they will give you some great ideas. They will make for you fresh party platters ranging from $40 - $55. Advanced notice of 48 hours is appreciated so the team can create your special selection. which one will you choose?

  • A Family Pack with 2 large hot BBQ chickens, coleslaw and pasta salad

  • Pick 'n' Eat Platter of chicken pieces to serve 10 - 12 

  • Cheese Nibbles Platter of assorted cheeses to serve 10 - 12

  • Sandwich Selection Platter - freshly made sandwiches to serve 10 - 12 - features a selection of fillings

  • Cold Meat and Salad Platter to serve 10 - 12

  • Dip 'n' Nibble Platter to serve 12 - 14 - features cold meats and other deli nibblies

  • Meats to Please Platter to serve 12- 14 - features various cold meats

  • Antipasto Platter - to serve 12 - 14 - features a mix of cold meats and other deli delights

School Benefits Program Update

School          Participants                          Total Benefits
Yidarra Catholic Primary School

 129 $8,574.57  
Winthrop Primary School

 153  $8,204.90  
Corpus Christi College

 38  $3,116.50  

Bateman Primary School

 42  $1,874.75  

Kardinya Primary School

 52  $1,755.68  
Oberthur Primary School

 18  $617.53  
Kennedy Baptist College

 20  $763.53  

Caralee Community School

 12  $336.87  
Woodthorpe School

 21  $394.61  
Mel Maria Catholic Primary School

 11  $234.43  

Fremantle Language Development Centre 

 6  $58.82  

Total donated to School Benefits Program Schools since June 2011:


Until next month, stay happy and healthy, and remember these words from Nelson Mandela, "A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination."

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