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Hi ,

Welcome to October! 

The footy season has now finished and we hope that your team, in whatever code of football you follow, didn't let you down! Now begins the countdown for Christmas! Time is certainly flying by!

School Benefits Program Update

CONGRATULATIONS to Winthrop Primary School on being the first school to reach $10,000.00 in donations from the Winthrop Gardens Supa IGA School Benefits Program! Winthrop Primary School was one of the very first schools to join the School Benefits Program in June 2011. The school has over 170 people helping to raise money just by joining the program and shopping at the store. Jack and I enjoy visiting their school assemblies to present them with their latest cheques. We are always made to feel welcome and a special part of the school community. Well done Winthrop Primary School! As a reward Winthrop Gardens Supa IGA will be adding another bonus of 1,000 points to your total for this great achievement.

I am sure that next month I will be repeating the same message, but for another school! Check out the current School Benefits Program totals on the website to see which school it might be! Click here School Benefits Program Update

Earlier today we visited Corpus Christi College to present their Bonus Cheque of $1,000.00. They achieved this for reaching $2,000.00 in the program. This bonus is donated by the Winthrop Gardens Supa IGA store owners as a goodwill gesture to all schools that achieve $2,000.00 in bonus points.

Solar Panel Update

Following on from the April newsletter profile of our new solar PV system, it is great to report that it is achieving much better than expected results. The first 125 solar panel system installed was estimated to generate approximately 10,260kWh from April to August, but since April this figure has been a very impressive 14,240kWh - 38.8% higher than forecast! (1 kWh equals 1 unit on an electricity bill)! This is largely due to a greater than normal number of sunny days Perth experienced during winter and the extremely efficient solar system designed, supplied and installed by local business Enigin – a leading provider of commercial energy solutions. 

Looking forward

We are hopeful the news will only get better with approval in the next couple of months from Western Power to install the remaining 270 panels. We are looking forward to seeing the results generated by the much larger array. With summer on its way and the days becoming longer the energy generation of the system will be outstanding.  

We are thrilled that the system is making such a great contribution to the sustainability of our community.  The following graph illustrates the equivalent annual amount of avoided carbon emissions from common activities that will be achieved from our soon to be 100kW solar system.

How does it affect the environment?

Most of Australia’s electricity comes from ‘black’ sources like coal. For each unit of ‘green’ electricity generated by the solar panels, less ‘black’ power needs to be purchased from the grid. That does not only provide Winthrop Gardens Supa IGA with great cost savings, it also avoids a whole heap of climate-damaging carbon emissions. Annually, the system will avoid emissions of 144 tonnes of CO2 or the equivalent of taking 46 passenger cars off the road, making more than 5,200 toasted sandwiches, making more than 16,000 coffees or running 330 household fridges for one year!

We thank Dominic Da Cruz,  Managing Director of Enigin, Western Australia, for this update.

Fab Slabs

Have you seen the Fab Slabs, (wooden chopping boards), now on sale in the store? 

Here's a bit about them from their website:

"On the Sunshine Coast revegetation projects are taking place all the time. Camphor Laurel trees are removed so that native plants can be put in their place. Fab Slabs salvages the camphor laurel logs, then mills, dries and turns the timber into beautiful, solid timber slab cutting boards. We are good friends with a number of arborists. When a tree does have to be removed because of road clearing, storm damage or it is a danger to a house, Fab Slabs salvages the log rather than see it dumped, burnt or chipped. Fab Slabs is a family owned and operated business and all of their products are proudly 100% Australian made. All cutting boards are milled, kiln dried and manufactured on the Sunshine Coast, about 1 hour North of Brisbane."

Fab Slabs are:

Permanently and naturally anti-bacterial

100% Australian made and owned

Eco friendly

Great gift ideas

Individual - each board is unique in character, grain, colouring and shape.

You can see an amazing range of these stunning chopping boards at Winthrop Gardens Supa IGA and they would make a fantastic Christmas gift idea too! Prices are Small: $34.95, Medium: $44.95 and large: $59.95. You will find them displayed between the Deli and Seafood Departments.

Fresh Produce Tip

We have been using kale and spinach in our morning Green Smoothies and came across this great idea for storing excess or leftover produce.


Kale Cubes for Smoothies 
3-4 bunches kale, shredded or torn up
1-2 cups water 
Place as much kale as possible into the blender then add a little water, about 1 or 2 cups (not too much because you will want these as kale-dense as possible) and blend on high until the mix is completely liquefied. Then just pour in to muffin tins, freeze for about an hour and there you have it! You now have perfectly portioned, frozen kale cubes ready for adding to smoothies. Remove from muffin tin and place in snap lock bags in freezer ready to be used at any time.You can also do this for spinach and other excess herbs you may have that need using.  

Have you signed up for Red Alerts?

Red Alerts are our short term specials that can be posted at any time and are a great way to make big savings! For example, Chris or Charlie, our Fresh Produce Buyers, may get a great deal at the Markets one morning and want to let their customers know of the product and price available. They will send a Red Alert email to the customers who have subscribed to the service and those customers will know the details first. Or perhaps, the Deli has a great new gourmet salad and want to share the news with their customers. Red Alert members will find out first!

Click here to sign up today.  RED ALERTS

Check out the Weekly Best Buys for this week

Each week our Department Managers source a variety of products for you at fantastic prices. We feature 16 of these on our website under the Weekly Best Buys icon. Have a look what’s available this week by clicking this link!  Weekly Best Buys Don’t forget to click on the product image to read a handy tip, a recipe or further product information!

Blog Posts 

Do you read our Weekly Blog Posts? Each week we bring you an assortment of updates: information on seasonal fruit and vegetables and other products available at Winthrop Gardens Supa IGA, recipes, inspirational ideas and stories and anecdotes of life in our busy suburban supermarket! You'll find the latest post on our Home Page. Here’s what featured in the past month: 

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Until next month, stay happy and healthy, and remember, as the English author, James Allen once said, “The key to happiness is having dreams; the key to success is making them come true.”

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